5 Ways to Personalise Kids’ Bedrooms

Fri Jan 05 2018 14:18:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Kids’ bedroom décor and furniture can be a tricky decision to make. The latest favourite TV characters may be forgotten next week, and there is always the question of how often you intend to update anything you add to the room. A chalkboard sliding wardrobe door is something children of any age will enjoy; perhaps you could have a coloured pin board wardrobe door instead, with glass or mirrored wardrobe doors to also help to lighten the room. Here at Buller we offer a wide range of personalised and bespoke sliding wardrobe doors for your built in wardrobe which can help you to really make your child’s bedroom perfect for them. There are plenty of things you can do to make a child’s bedroom more bright and fun for them, without it quickly becoming dated. Here are our top tips for kids’ bedroom decoration: 1. Pinterest is your friend Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for kids’ bedrooms. You can search not only for “kids bedrooms” but also add in any particular colour or style you want to incorporate, for example “kids bedrooms giraffe” or “kids bedrooms green.” This brings up no end of ideas and often links to websites where you can buy resources for your own creation. 2. Chalkboard wardrobe doors Children of all ages love the freedom and creativity that comes with having their very own chalkboard. It’s a great way for them to be able to “decorate” their space, draw, practise writing and just have fun. Having a chalkboard as a sliding wardrobe door means that you don’t need to think about finding the extra space elsewhere in the room or on another wall for a chalkboard. 3. Pinboard wardrobe doors A pinboard is a great addition to a child’s bedroom as somewhere they can display photographs and posters without damaging the walls with sticky tape or tack. Incorporating a coloured pinboard into a sliding wardrobe door can again have a brilliant effect of allowing that space for self expression without taking up valuable wall space. 4. More is better when it comes to storage It is always worth investing in several different storage options for kids’ bedrooms. Whether it’s bulky, odd-sized toys, board games or Halloween costumes, storage always comes in useful! A built-in wardrobe can work wonders in helping to keep clutter off the floor and out of sight - and can be used to store so much more than just clothing. Here at Buller we have a wide range of wardrobe storage solutions incorporating drawers, shelves and hanging storage which can help to keep your child’s toys and clothes in order. 5. Rugs and throws A colourful rug or throw can be a great, simple way to update a child’s bedroom without having to redecorate the whole room. It sounds too simple, but if your child’s bedroom furniture and walls are a fairly neutral colour, you can easily change the overall feel of the room by updating the accessories.


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