Design Your Perfect Built-In Wardrobe

Fri Jan 12 2018 14:18:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Designing your own built-in wardrobe might sound like something best left to the experts, but it can actually be a very straight-forward process which leaves you with a perfect, custom designed wardrobe that fits perfectly into your bedroom and has a plethora of storage solutions created to suit your needs perfectly. 1. Measure your space The most important part is ensuring that you know how much space you have for your fitted wardrobe. Measure the length of the wall from one end to the other, and make a note of this. You might also want to grab some plain paper and draw a small, scaled-down version of your space so that you can see how all the pieces will fit together Try not to underestimate how much storage space you will need; remember that your room will look much more neat and tidy with a larger built-in wardrobe, than with a smaller one and lots of extra bits and pieces still on display. 2. Think about what you need to store Do you have lots of shoes which will need to be stored neatly? Jewellery or other small items you want to keep organised? Perhaps you have a several ties which will need to hang neatly. Make a list of the different wardrobe storage solutions you will need. Take a look at our MOKA range for some great storage solutions you might not have thought of and remember: it's better to have too much storage wardrobe storage space than not enough! 3. Browse your options Take a look around our site to see examples of bespoke fitted wardrobes and the numerous different wardrobe storage solutions available. This should give you more ideas for your own fitted wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe can be customised to suit both your tastes and your needs, so don't be afraid to try something a little different if you think it will fit better with your requirements. A fitted wardrobe is a great way to organise your clothes and accessories in a way that suits you so that everything is exactly where you need it to be. 4. Don't forget the sliding wardrobe doors! Once your built-in wardrobe is fitted, the doors are the part that will have the biggest effect on how your bedroom looks. Choose from sleek black gloss wardrobe doors, wood finish, mirrored wardrobe doors and much more to really put your own stamp on your bedroom. If you're thinking about designing your own built-in wardrobe, get in touch with us for some assistance and ideas.


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